Performance by Sepideh Rahaa & Anna Knappe

Place: Espoonsilta (above Espoon Keskus train station)

Time: 2 July 2014, 17.00 - 17.15 

"Different faces of us” is a performance By Finnish artist Anna Knappe and Iranian artist Sepideh Rahaa. The performance questions the origins of obstacles which occur to women within society. It is about how women’s freedom is bounded by public sphere and society in general, especially when it comes to their cultural background. Being women from a different culture, behaving in a different way, having a different appearance is itself a good reason to begin a “Silent Fight” between them. This silent fight mostly happens in the societies when immigrants and local people with different behavior and life style start to look at each other and their differences. First and the most common difference is their appearance, how women are covered or not  In many cases, instead of asking why, they ignore the fact and situation and do not accept the differences. In some cases these differences make people think deeply about the situation and ends with a better understanding from each other.

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